What do you get the man that has everything? Well a lazy susan from Wine Cask Creations of course! While celebrating the Italian Festa, an annual party in San Jose CA, my sister and I met Pete, manning his booth- it was set up displaying the array of products WCC has and it was quite the presentation. We knew right away what we needed to get (the lazy susan) and Pete handled everything! Our lazy susan made it to NY in one piece, the shipping was relatively painless and not as costly as we thought. Plus it was a HUGE HIT! My family in NY wants to see more of the line. Now I have my eye on one of the side tables, a present to myself! Thank you Pete and Wine Cask Creations!! You really made this purchase a pleasant one!


I am proudly in possesion of several pieces of art created by Pete Troiani. I do not refer to his work as "art" lightly. The pride he puts into each one of his products is incredible and illicits high praise from all guests to my home and business. Thank you Pete for your hard work and fine craftmanship. I will be a frequent visitor to your web site and will proudly display your work and continue to be a regular customer.

Regards, Gary Ray [gray at hotmail dot com]