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Nobody likes spam! That's why I promise to never sell or give away your email address or other contact information. I will contact you only about specific orders you have placed or the occasional special offer. You may opt-out of email communication at any time. Simply contact me.


Most items are made to order, therefore there may be a slight waiting period . . . please refer to the item description for specifics on shipping.

Due to the costly expense of shipping, I welcome you to stop by my shop in Stockton, California to pick up your purchase. If mileage is feasible, I will deliver your purchase to you (larger items only) which may save shipping cost.

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Any purchase you make is secure because I use a PayPal shopping cart. PayPal is the most popular way to buy things on the internet for good reason. Here's a few of them:

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Lasering (Personalization)

Many of our customers have been asking if it's possible to personalize their Wine Cask Creations items. And, we have said YES! Some Wine Cask items are available for 'name dropping'. We are able to add your winery name or logo, your store name, or customer's sentiment to them by an engraving process at a very low cost. Talk to your representative or to Wine Cask Creations for complete details of how to provide the nomenclature, artwork for logo or custom sentiment and details on our proofing process. Estimates are based on length and complexity of wording or design. What a great idea for a personalized gift or promotional items for your winery retail area.

Engraving Sample 1 Engraving Sample 2 Engraving Sample 3
Engraving Sample 4 Engraving Sample 5

Wholesale Inquiries

Please contact me for wholesale inquiries. I look forward to doing business with you!