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I cut this tree down a few years ago in my back yard and made some of my first cribbage boards out of this Apricot wood. To my surprise after turning this chunk of wood into a workable piece I found that it turns into a beautiful cribbage board with its gorgeous grain brought out by finishing it with a rubbing oil. This particular board is a two player board and is the last Apricot wood cribbage board I have available. I encourage you when not playing Cribbage to display this board as you would any other piece of art.

This is just a sample of the different hardwoods that could be available. Please email prior to ordering to check availability.




Although most items will have a distinct red wine stain, some products may have
more or less intensity. Additionally, markings and or brands will differ from product to
product due to the age of the cask, procurement and date it was retired from use.
No two products will be the same due to the differences between wine casks.
That is what makes my products so unique!

Slight separation between staves, due to natural wood dehydration, may occur over time

Hardwood Cribbage Board

Approximate dimensions: 24"L x 10"W x 4"H

Price: $350

Shipping: Please contact me for a shipping quote.

Ships in 2 to 3 weeks.


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